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About Me


Welcome to the place where I will be sharing all things related to my own journey of getting healthy by transitioning to a plant-based diet. This site seeks to inform and inspire, connecting like-minded people. Whether you are just trying to be more health conscious, transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle, have already gone completely vegan or simply want some great meat-free recipe alternatives, The Veg Life! has got you covered!

A Little Bit About Me…

I’ve always loved animals. My background is in veterinary practice management. I am a huge supporter of rescue efforts. I have three rescue dogs of my own (and you’ll see them occasionally make an appearance on here ?

The Veg Life! has become a labor of love (and a constant work in progress). I grew up on meat & potatos for dinner, but the more informed I become, the less I want to live that lifestyle. If not only to end this vicious cycle of constantly trying to lose weight, but having passed that big 4-0 and receiving some health concerns, it was time to make changes. Initially, I went pretty radical and 25 lbs. just literally fell off. But I realized that I was not educated enough. My diet was less than adequate. I eased back to vegetarian and continue to make changes as I go.

There is most definitely a learning curve and while not an expert, I hope to make finding the answers & ingredients a little easier for you than it was for me. Now that I know better, I can do better for the animals, for my health & for the environment.

About the Recipes…

I LOVE to cook & am not big on meat “alternatives”, so you will be hard-pressed to find more than a handful of recipes on this site that contain ingredients such as tofu or tempeh. My goal was to recreate recipes I already enjoyed using alternate ingredients that I was used to, while learning to incorporate others as I went along. The other side of that is that many of the vegan ingredients aren’t all that easy to locate (I provide links whenever possible), and I wanted these recipes to be easy, accessible and not at all intimidating…something even a non-veg person would find delicious. You will hear many say, “But where do you get your protein?” Follow me…I will show you. And believe me! I get plenty of protein without eating meat, eggs or dairy products!

Health & Fitness…

I love weight training, have dabbled in dance my entire life! As I progress, I hope to also include information for those trying to pursue fitness as a vegan. Health and wellness are definitely a priority in my life now, so I’ll be including those topics in this blog.

Let’s Get Social…

You can find us on Pinterest & encourage you to Pin or Re-pin our recipes. We’re trying to grow our audience & would love your help! Along with a Pinterest board for this page, I’ll also include my personal interests…maybe some are your interests as well. I’d love to get to know those who visit the site, so please post on the pages or send me a note with your feedback or comments. I’ll always respond personally! I’m happy to have this little bit of Internet real estate to both share with you and have you share some of yourselves with me.

Did you know, you can also find Living-Vegan.com on Facebook and TheVegLife.com on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest.

Navigating Living-Vegan.com…

New here? Living-Vegan.com is set up to educate as well as inspire. You can search using the drop down navigation to learn more about foods or lifestyle topics.  Additionally, we tag the recipes with key ingredients, meal type, etc. for a broader search range capability. Mainly interested in the recipes? You can do a recipe search using any key word, category or ingredient or visit our sister-site, TheVegLife!


By no means am I an expert and you should consult with your doctor prior to any diet plan (as I did), but I am happy to share with you what I have learned from ingredients, to nutrition, cooking tips, resources, product reviews or even new items on the market.


All recipes and content on this site are property of Living-Vegan.com unless otherwise noted. If you would like to share a recipe from my page, please link back to this site or the corresponding Pinterest recipe page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit & stay tuned as we continue to grow…

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